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Your CyberMonday and CyberWeek 2016 Shopping Deals

Below is a list of major retailers and their Cyber Monday or Cyber Week shopping deals – happy shopping!

AmazonCyber Week

Banana RepublicCyber Monday | Find a store

Bed Bath and BeyondCyber Monday | Find a store

BelkCyber Sale | …

What walks down stairs, alone or in pairs?

Today we celebrate the invention of a precompressed helical spring – you might know it as SLINKY!

It was invented by a naval engineer in the 1940s who was working with tension springs, in an effort to try to suspend …

A pre-air conditioning era cotton suit from 1909 is uniting politicians today

In Washington it can take a lot of debating and deal-making to make friends on the other side of the aisle, but today some politicians are setting aside their differences to celebrate a cotton suit! That’s right, today is officially …

ACE is Top Rated Air Conditioning Installation and Repair In Northern Virginia

ACE Air Conditioning was recently awarded the Super Service Award by Angie’s List for it’s excellent service to its customers. With high marks for Price, Quality, Responsiveness, Punctuality and Professionalism, ACE continues to provide top notch service for air conditioning …

Sneezy Season Tips for Allergy Sufferers

This spring, over 36 millions Americans will be clutching a box of tissues and coping with sinus misery — here are some tips for those with seasonal allergies.

The Right-Size System For Your House Matters!

One of the more important things about finding and installing a heating and cooling system is it’s size. A correctly sized system will save you money. Why not get the biggest? Just because it’s bigger doesn’t mean it’s right for …

What Was Life Like Before A Climate-Controlled Home?

When air conditioners first came on the market, they weren’t to cool homes but rather for quality control for industry. The fact that factory/industry workers were kept cool was just an added benefit!

The most pre-historic, pre-air-conditioning method of living …

It’s National Love Your Pet Day!

Today it’s National Love Your Pet Day! Take this weekend to give your furry friend some extra cuddles — and enjoy some GIFs of other lovable pets around the internet.

Keep gas furnace vents and heat pumps clear of snow to keep heat running!

Winter weather is on its way and ACE has a few tips to keep your equipment up and running.

Homeowners with high-efficiency gas furnaces should make sure their fresh air intake pipes are free of snow. They’re usually white plastic …

Cyber Monday Shopping Guide

The Internet’s Black Friday is here — Cyber Monday, that is! Here are some of the best deals going on around the net:

Amazon Cyber Monday Deals

Target Cyber Monday Deals

Best Buy Cyber Monday

Sears Cyber Monday Deals

Electronic’s …