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Fixing Your Home’s Air Leaks Saves Money

Air leaks can cause from 25 to 30 percent energy loss in your home – it is certainly worth it to repair any leaks, because they will save you money!

Discovering and Treating Air Leaks In Ductwork

Junction points where the ducts originate at the air handler or main trunk line are sometimes the first places professionals go to determine if there is a leak. Lighting an incense stick close to a duct joint, and observing the smoke can signify the issue.

Following ducts along their entire length to the rooms or areas they supply, and testing each connection , including any “T” or “Y” fittings leading to branch lines and the register boots at the end of each line. Foil tape or duct sealant are good tools to patch any found leaks.

Air Leaks In Your Home

Air leaks in your home itself are another issue, but it is certainly relevant to ensuring that your home is as energy efficient as it can be. Sometimes it can take a lot of time to find air leaks. One particular test that can be done to speed up this test is a “blower door test” – this is a test performed by professional energy auditors to help determine how airtight a home is. Establishing that a home is properly airtight can reduce energy consumption, avoid moisture and condensation problems, uncomfortable drafts from cold air leaking from outside can help determine how much ventilation is required by your HVAC system to provide an acceptable level of indoor air quality. Older homes, with older windows or a deteriorating exterior or insulation and other problems typically have a significantly higher number of air leakage issues.

If you feel your home or ductwork has significant air leak issues, please feel free to contact us today!

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