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Top 7 Resolutions For Your Home For 2017

It’s going to be a new year and time to make some resolutions to keep your home in top shape!

7. Maintain clean indoor air
Keeping your home air clean by regularly changing your filter is not only beneficial to your home but it’s beneficial to your health – allergies can be prevented by ensuring that your heating & cooling system has a regularly changed filter.

6. Reduce energy use and save money!
By doing simple things like taking shorter showers or putting your dishwasher on “1-hour wash” instead of “Normal” you can save up to 10%-15% on electric or gas costs. In addition, you can set your thermostat up or down a couple degrees (depending on the season) and create additional savings as well.

5. Switch to LED bulbs
One of the best recent advances in technology are LED light bulbs – gone are the days of changing a light bulb a few times a year – switching to an LED bulb will not only save you money (~$1.30 a year vs. ~$15.50 a year) but you will not have to change the nearly as often as their life-span is about 50,000 hours compared to a regular incandescent bulb which is approximately ~1,200 hours.

4. Stay safe with smoke and carbon monoxide detectors
It is not only important but it’s the law to have operational smoke detectors in your home. In addition, making sure you have a carbon monoxide detector will add another level of safety to your home. Make sure you change the batteries in your detectors at regular intervals – a good rule of thumb is to do it at every daylight savings adjustment. After doing so, make sure to press the ‘Test’ button to ensure they are operational.

3. Sealing and insulating ductwork
This goes along with saving energy, money as well as maintaining clean indoor air. Ensuring that there are no cracks in your ductwork system will keep your heating system operating at peak efficiency and keep your home comfortable in the warm and cool months.

2. Budget for Home Improvements
There’s always some little thing you’ll want to add to your home, whether it’s a bathroom update, appliance upgrade or new furniture. If it’s within your means, set aside some money each week or month to have a “home improvement budget” as certain upgrades can be costly and having to pay for it all at once can be difficult.

1. De-clutter and organize!
Hey hey – ho ho – that basement clutter has got to go! Hey hey! Ho ho!

There are probably many items in your basement or crawlspace that you rarely use. Donating useful items to your local homeless shelter, Goodwill or Salvation Army will not only provide something beneficial to your community, but will provide you a cleaner home and a tax deduction. A yard sale or garage sale is another great way to get rid of the unnecessary junk that piles up over the year — and take the money that you make from that and treat yourself! (Or put it in your home improvement budget!)

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