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When is the best time to purchase an A/C?

Many people might think that just like a swimsuit or shorts, fall and winter might be the best time to get good pricing on an air conditioning unit – in many cases that’s true, but spring (aka NOW) is another great time to shop for an A/C. Especially before the REAL warm weather hits — the ultimate goal is to be provactive about your cooling system. Before our increasingly unpredictable weather cranks up to unbearable levels, be sure to get a diagnostic for your air conditioning system. We’re actually running a great deal on our Coupon page right now for a discounted Diagnostic Fee.

3 things to consider when upgrading your cooling system:

1. Don’t just consider price – the lowest bid you receive, might come from a company who hasn’t fully analyzed your filtration system and ducts. In addition , they may not offer a guarantee.
2. Include duct work as a consideration – Leaky duct work has been known to contribute to over 30% of the climate controlled air leakage from heating and cooling systems – so it may not be your A/C that needs replacing.
3. Consider your entire HVAC system – An outdoor AC unit and indoor furnace and air handler that can match in capacity and efficiency is important to your comfort level. You want to ensure that you’ll be satisfied with your energy bills and not with something that consumes much more electricity than necessary.

So avoid the summer rush and get your A/C unit diagnosed today!

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